After learning about open-ended questions through both my math methods course and my inquiry project about differentiating math instruction, I was excited to try an open-ended question with my tutoring student (grade 9).

I decided to represent what I learned via Glogster:
2/16/2013 08:49:53 am

The session was fun; and prepares us for using Math in real world situations. (Hope this also prepares us for math in higher grades.)

2/17/2013 02:23:50 pm


Hopefully I will get a chance to use these types of questions when I teach math =)

2/17/2013 10:30:27 am

Did you think it made it easier?

2/17/2013 02:27:26 pm


Having an open-ended question allows students to answer the question according to their comfort/knowledge level (to an extent).

So the student could have just drawn a cube with 20 cm sides for the answer, or could have drawn an elaborate 3D shape like the one above. It's not so much about making the question easier as it is about making the question flexible enough to challenge different students at their level =)


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