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When a classmate (Madame D.L.) shared about using ThingLink for French, I began thinking about how to incorporate it as a reflection tool for art, especially photography.

After learning about composition techniques and taking their own photos, students can upload their photo to ThingLink (just need to sign up for an account). They can then annotate the photo to explain their thought process and observations for the composition techniques used in the photo.
As a part of my arts methods course, I created a visual journal via Mixbook to document my art work as well as to compile ideas for art projects. Many ideas for the art projects have come from the art work displayed at Hillcrest Elementary!
After learning about open-ended questions through both my math methods course and my inquiry project about differentiating math instruction, I was excited to try an open-ended question with my tutoring student (grade 9).

I decided to represent what I learned via Glogster: