I love seeing the wonder in students' eyes as they witness an extraordinary phenomenon. These demos and experiments will hopefully inspire their curiosity and prompt questions of inquiry about the intricate world around us. Experiments are grouped by topic.


1. Amazing 9 Layer density tower
2. Dyed ice cube melting in cooking oil
3. Coke Vs. Diet Coke Experiment

Freezing point/ Melting point

4.  “Ice fishing” (Fishing an Ice Cube)
5. Instant Freeze- Soda Ice
6. Homemade ice cream

Chemical vs. physical changes

7. Ivory Soap Souffle- microwave trick

Solubility & Rate at which Substances Dissolve

8. Rock candy

pH- acidic and basic characteristics

9. Red cabbage indicator

Please leave a comment if you have any additional ideas or exciting demos for teaching chemistry!