Photography has always been a hobby, and I have added some photos I've taken in the past to the photo gallery here. Please feel free to leave a comment and/or a link to your photo blog =)

Hopefully I can update this photo blog as I continue on my photography journey-  I am looking forward to learning alongside the students in the upcoming photography unit!

01/17/2013 9:15pm

I bet the students would love to try those cookies! :) LOL!

01/17/2013 9:35pm

@ Ryan
I do plan on sharing my baking with the class again... at least once and hopefully more =)

02/16/2013 8:48pm

@ Ms. Fei - We're doing a photography unit? By the way those pictures are amazing! Did you take them all?

02/16/2013 10:05pm


Mr. Hong and I have been talking about a photography unit for a while. Hopefully we will get to it soon =)

Thank you- yes, I did take all of them. I have always enjoyed documenting my travels and experiences through photography. It's only in recent years though that I have began to pay more attention to various techniques of photography and photo editing =)

02/17/2013 11:02pm

the picture of the candy cans is cool with the blurring and how you shaped the candy into a heart. Excellent.


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