The back of the sleeping mask:

02/16/2013 7:27pm

WOW! How long did that take you?

02/16/2013 7:38pm


It took around 3 hours, but it was well worth it =)

02/16/2013 9:25pm

THIS IS SO CUTE! I can't believe you made this in 3 hours! WOW!!!!!
XD When did you learn how to sew and where?

02/16/2013 9:58pm

@Judy Moody

Thanks =) I learned to sew during elementary school, both with the help of my mom and with sewing projects from school. It's something that I have enjoyed ever since.

02/17/2013 4:54pm

Maybe you could ask mr.Hong about teaching the class how to sew it will help us in life and give u a head start in high school.

02/17/2013 10:07pm


You are reading our mind! ;) Mr. Hong and I have already discussed about doing some kind of sewing project with the class. Hopefully we will get a chance to do it in April/May =)

Yes, I agree- sewing is a very handy life skill as well as a great way to be creative!

02/17/2013 6:13pm

what did you learn from making that panda sleeping mask?

02/17/2013 10:14pm

@ ghost

I learned about customizing sewing projects to better suit my needs =) Please see my reply to Sandy for details on how I modified the original project.

02/17/2013 8:59pm

Wow Ms.Fei, you are extremely talented! I wish I knew how to do that! A sleeping mask that I purchased was around 10 dollars and not nearly as pretty as yours! What materials did you use? Where did you get the idea to make this? Great job!

02/17/2013 10:12pm

@ Sandy

The mask is made out of felt fabric and cotton fabric. I got the idea while browsing =) The tutorial for it can be found at

I modified the original panda mask by 1) adding an extra layer of black felt to the sleeping mask to block out light (you can't see this layer) and 2) adding a cotton fabric backing to the mask so that it feels softer (felt fabric can feel quite scratchy). I will add a picture of the back of the mask soon.


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